Thursday, July 20, 2006

Hard to Stay Positive

I know most of my writings are about weight loss. I also know weight loss is about attitude.

So, I'm wondering if the tough time I'm having these days is due to the shape of the world. I'm not looking to get into a political discussion, but you have to admit with what's going on around us:

  • Israel & Lebannon
  • Iraq
  • Stem Cells
  • Energy Problems
  • Obesity
  • Iran & Syria
  • Republicans & Democrats
  • Blame & Partisanship
  • "Defense of Marriage" actions
  • All of the above
It's hard to keep a sunny outlook.

I don't want to get into a blame game. That doesn't work; it never did. Won't now. "If I always do what I've always done, I'll always be where I've always been." Gotta try something new. Change the mindset.

But I sure wouldn't mind if people started posting some positive thoughts of little things we could do. Positive ideas. Now.

It might not help with weight loss -- but it sure couldn't hurt, could it?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It's funny that I just happened to log on to your blog and read your comments. I was feeling that I just cannot even seem to go two days, heck, sometimes even two hours, without some type of "problem" that needs my immediate attention. Like I am the only great solver of problems in the universe and everything must be touched by my golden wand in order to be solved. But when I truly take stock in my "problems", I realize that I am so fortunate to be who I am and live where I do that it seems absurd the amount of my time obsessing about my weight. While ,obviously, normal weight control is important for good health, I should be so happy that I have so much free time in my life to spend day after day deciding what to eat and how much to eat. But, unfortunately, my grateful mindset only lasts until the phone rings with yet another "problem" that demands all of my time and effort. Quiet time and simple reflection seems only a fantasy most of the time in my life.