Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Are we there yet?

“Can we stop now?”

“No,” I sigh. I seem to sigh a great deal these days. “We must keep going.”

Comes the reply – always – “Why?”

This does not have an easy answer. What logic exists in following a path with no conclusion? Sometimes, I am unsure why I trudge forever forward toward that golden, sunny, meadow atop the distant mountain. Having labored long and hard, I am fatigued. At these times, I can easily persuade myself to stop my quest. “Just for a short time,” I think. I deserve time off.

I announce that I shall “take a short break.” My family and friends have been to this site with me repeatedly; loving concern is in their eyes. I assure them (and me), “Don’t worry. I’m not giving up; I just need to relax. I’ll get back on program in a little while.”

In my honest places, I know I will not remain here if I stop; I will regress. “A little while” will become “someday;” “relax” will be “give up.” I will tumble again to my beginning, pained, and further from my goal.

This road extends forever; no finish line with cheering crowds awaits. Never will I burst through the tape, my hands raised high above my head. To focus on an end point when none exists invites frustration. No thank you, I already have a surplus.

If I could change my yesterdays, I would do in a flash. Alas, that option is no longer available. I find myself here, nowhere else.

It makes the journey easier to appreciate what I have accomplished, rather than obstacles I will face. The terrain has been rugged; yet the distance I have traveled is still great. Peaceful moments, insightful lessons, and inner satisfaction have blossomed along the way. And when I accept - that despite the work - I am better now than at my start, calmness sweetens the moment.

The hallowed land is not across a future bridge, nor over distant borders. It is within, in the soft, quiet, satisfaction of a small step. With a deep breath (or is it another sigh?) I adjust my focus to the Now and persevere, breathing easier for my lightened load.

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