Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Savoring the Moment

Some moments shoot by too swiftly. Instead of scurrying past, I wish they would linger, slowly, softly, simmering, allowing me to relish the warm richness of life's flavors.

I would cease time when my children first ventured forth uncertainly; wobbling on chubby infant legs, taking their first steps, the realization dawning that their world had just expanded. If that moment lived forever, I would harbor no regrets.

When I fell in love, realizing - this time - I had found my life partner, is another tick of the clock I would solidify. Right then, I felt a connection with an essence holy, ageless, and romantic. If Father Time froze me there, I would not complain.

Those moments, in which we languish, lazily and luxuriously, arrive without notice. Not all are life-changing benchmarks, reserved only for outstanding occasions. They are more frequent, oft times overlooked, as we hasten to get "where we're going," discounting where we are.

The arc of a rainbow across a dreary grey sky, brilliant colors patterned alongside a limitless and grand backdrop deserves a slowdown.

Arising on Saturday - covered neck to toes in a thick, fluffy, fresh comforter - with nothing on one's to-do list, and awakening to the plink-plop-plap of raindrops against the window merits a slower pace. It is further enhanced when one's first thought - "Yich, it's Monday" - is replaced with the realization that rather, this morning is the first day of a lazy weekend.

Joyfully being infected by the uninhibited giggles of small children engaged in a magical world untouched by adult concerns is truly one of life's greatest pleasures. Why would anyone rush that?

Moments as those are common when one watches for them: a warm short-sleeve day on the boardwalk, a light breeze tussling your hair; the close-pressed hug of a friend as she greets you by chance in the course of daily tasks; a shared unexpected chuckle with the sales clerk behind the counter as you exchange pleasantries. They abound, invisible unless sought, adding spice and richness to our existence, making time on this planet worthwhile.

They also serve as reminders that not everything is to be hurried; some experiences need more time.

Always in such a helter-skelter, hell-bent, head-down hurry to lose my extra weight, I plead guilty to not paying attention to the blessings this process brings. Ignoring the confidence of a healthier body, dismissing the new found flexibility, pooh-poohing the confidence of my accomplishments; I am in such a sprint to get "there" that I take no pleasure from "here."

Some things take time. Some deserve it. This process is both.

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Iron-Man said...

Great observations. Some moments should last forever. Yet we and every other person who has had these wonderful moments eventually grow old and die and the moments and the people that we shared them with are gone into the dust of time.