Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Stop that right now!

What are you looking around for? You know I'm talking to you. Yes, you - no, not the guy behind you. I'm speaking to YOU. Look at me; quit pretending you think I'm referring to someone else.

Now, just stop; it's for your own good. We both know it.

Yes, I know you're busy. You have so many responsibilities and commitments. But that's not going to fly this time. We're all busy. We're all overloaded. It's a matter of priorities, plain and simple. This time, make it work, OK?

Oh, more excuses? Well, welcome to Excuse Central pal; know 'em all. Got 'em all right here. "Just a little bit won't hurt." "I deserve it; it's been a tough week." How about this one: "When things settle down, I'll do it." I don't mean to be rude or crude, but the only time things will totally settle down is when six friends are carrying you away in a box.

Of course, there's always my favorite: "I can stop whenever I want." Yeah, right. If you can stop anytime, why did you let it get so out of control?

Do you enjoy unending aches and pains? Isn't it just oodles of amusement avoiding the dark side of the closet because you're afraid those unused clothes "shrunk" since you last wore them? Are we having fun now?

And finally, the ultimate kick in the pants: that undisguised glance in someone's eyes when she can't cloak how surprised she is by how large you've become since she last saw you. Just makes you feel warm all over doesn't it? Sure, sure, she covers it quickly; after all, she's not trying to be rude. But for that moment - that one, brief, instantaneous, short-lived, horrifyingly candid, flash - your sole desire is to drop through a hole in the floor. Honestly, do you really want to deal with that again? How many times will you avoid friends to prevent that from happening?

What's that? You DON'T like those feelings? Oh, good, we're making progress. But you don't have the energy to change?

I hear you! But, how much energy does it take for the 24-hour discomfort in your own skin? Or missing out on your kid's lives because you're too tired to play? How much of your precious life-force do you waste feeling bad about yourself every thinking moment of each and every day? Makes the effort more worthwhile, doesn't it?

Ready to stop now? Good. I'm pleased for you.

Step one is stop talking to this mirror; get out there, and take a walk.

About the author: Scott "Q" Marcus lost 70 pounds in 1994 and is a professional speaker. He is available for speeches, workshops, or comments at 707.442.6243 or His new book, "Striving for Imperfection, 52 Motivational, Playful Columns on Weight Loss, Habit Change, and Other Acts of Faith," is available at or, by contacting him, or visiting

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