Thursday, February 22, 2007

I give up

This will be my final entry, because between you, me, and the lamppost, I've had it with dieting.

I have reached my limit of getting on the scale - that obsessive, compulsive, weekly monitoring to determine whether I've put on four ounces or lost seven. I can do without the gnawing in the pit of my stomach each time I stand on that double-dealing, lifeless, white platform with the hellish red flashing LED that screams out my weight. Goodbye weigh-in!

I've just had it with counting calories - forever monitoring nutrition labels, analyzing "saturated" versus "trans fat", and tallying sugar grams. Skinny people see the food and eat it. They don't need a science lesson each time they want a muffin. Me neither, case closed.

I am sick and tired of portion control. I've got an entire collection of decrepit orange, older-than-dust, measuring cups in the kitchen drawer. Every time I open the drawer, they get jammed behind the cabinet causing me to shove, push, pull, and yank simply to figure out how many ounces of orange juice I get. The heck with that; I'm gulping down directly from the carton.

Don't even get me started on exercise! Dragging this drowsy old body out of bed and facing a half hour of wheezing and sweating up and down hills in a windy, cold, damp, dark, morning is not my idea of "healthy lifestyle. Turn off the alarm, snuggle up a little closer, and tell me it's Saturday. That's my idea of morning motivation.

Like I said, this "healthy lifestyle" thing is for the birds. It's not worth the effort anymore. Goodbye diet blues.

Oh sure, there's something to be said for the self-esteem and compliments from my friends. The back aches, fear of a heart attack, and darting down side corridors of the mall to avoid someone seeing how much weight I put on are also no longer a part of my itinerary. As for clothes getting too tight or buttons bulging on my shirt, that's in the rearview mirror too. And I do have to admit it is nice to be able to breathe after climbing a flight of stairs or to be able to touch my toes without a written plan...


OK, you win; I'll write one more week. But I am buying new measuring cups.

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Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only one with old "orange" measuring cups. And yes, they get stuck in the drawer everytime I drag them out to measure yet another portion. I too would like to give up on all of this. It's like groundhog day. Each morning I get up and have to learn to eat all over again. Will it ever stop? Will it be like this forever. I'm tired, but I haven't found anything else that works. Maybe if I buy new measuring cups I'll feel better.