Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The morning decision

I never really thought it would happen to me.

I had heard that it happened to everyone at some time. But, me? Nah. You gotta be kidding! I am exempt. Yet, my reflection shows salt and pepper hair and the deeply etched pathways of time branching from the corners of my eyes.

The future is at times so frightening close and real, I feel that if I lean forward, I will touch it. I understand we each must drive this long highway; it's just so unnerving when the largest part of it out the back window.

Upon rising, I challenge my reflection in the full-length bedroom mirror. Shirtless, analyzing my profile from the left, my eyes focus extensively on my soft, sagging stomach. I turn 180 degrees, as if this angle will drop six inches from my waist. No such luck. Gravity, too much time on a good couch, and a few too many beers have left their mark.

It has oh so definitely happened to Me.

I suck in my middle, stand taller, and throw back my shoulders. Babe Magnet has arrived, watch out ladies! Yeah, right. At this very moment, there's a supermodel in a $2000 bathing suit quitting her assignment on a warm tropical beach to jet to Eureka because I held in my midsection for 30 seconds. The male psyche is a fantasy-filled place.

I relax my muscles with a sigh. Even Ponce de Leon died, why fight? If I gotta go, I'd rather my last meal be fried than fresh. Consider the people on the Titanic who skipped dessert. What good did that do them?

Yet fifty-something has its moments. The gamesmanship of young relationships has been replaced with fine and loving friendships. The world disappears when my wife wraps me in her arms on a Sunday morning. Maybe best of all, I am appreciated - even by me. These days have a unique, refined, splendor worth savoring and sharing. They are definitely worth the effort.

I look back at the warmth and softness of my bed; who would fault me for climbing back in on this foggy, chilly morning? I glance again into the mirror, put on my shirt, lace up my walking shoes, strap on my iPod, and head into the dawn to exercise.

Life is good.

About the author: Scott "Q" Marcus, THINspirational speaker, lives in Eureka. Since losing 70 pounds ten years ago he conducts presentations on goal setting, attitude, and health throughout the country. He can be reached at 707.442.6243 or

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