Saturday, January 01, 2005


What do I say to get things going?

I look at a blank page and I start ahead at a yet-empty year. So much to do but no words come out. So much could happen yet nothing to say right now.

Might as well introduce myself. Always a good start.

Blog folks, meet Scott.

Scott - these are your blog folks.

"Nice to meet you Scott."

"You too folks."

OK, so my friends call me Q. My wife calls me "bubbie." Not really sure how that came about. I think it started early when we were dating. Saw a Johnny Depp movie: Don Juan de Marco. Not great. Held our interest though. I think it was romantic. Well, being in the early gushy stages of a relationship, we started that really cute talk to each other. You know, "I love you." "No, I love you more." "No me more."

Knowing the two of us, it was probably me who escalated it to I love you bunches. Starting calling myself "Don Juan de Bunches." (yes, you can gag...) Morphed into calling each other bunches, then sponges (ask my brother in law) and finally I think it became Bubbie. Anyway, it doesn't matter. The relationship is a good one. She's warm. I think she's pretty. I enjoy my time with her. And that's one of the good things in my life...

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